People Watching

I am a great observer of human behavior. I can “people watch” almost anywhere. Some particularly good watching spots are airports, bars; pretty much anywhere there are people. I’ve always had a tendency to see someone and have a whole life story for them that I make up. When I do this, the story is… Continue reading People Watching


Ever Wonder?

I have a few questions for you.  Don't judge me or my education.  I have a weird mind that thinks about these things. Do birds have some bird linguistics that we are unaware of that allows them to all make a swooping move and turn on a dime and swoop the other way?  It's weird… Continue reading Ever Wonder?

Thing we all need to think about, for the love of God!


Hiya.  So, I had the TV on yesterday.  I quickly remembered why I don't like TV.  (With the exception of cop shows.  I can't get enough.) There were so many commercials for fast food, restaurants, etc. with ALL YOU CAT EAT as a ...a....THING.  If it wasn't that, it was  "bigger!  better!  More cholesterol and… Continue reading Jeet?


I Love Me a Shed!

Well, so.  I was thinkin' of things yesterday.  Well, I mean, I ALWAYS am thinkin'.  But nevermind...anyhow...the topic for today......is....... "SHE SHEDS"  YEP.  I said it.  I hate the name, but I WANT one!  I think I just want to be Alone sometimes.   Have you seen these darling things?  They are everything a busy mother… Continue reading I Love Me a Shed!

Thing we all need to think about, for the love of God!, writing

Hey y’all…can we talk Prom for a sec?

Prom dresses have gotten out of control, y'all.


I effin’ LOVE the Friday before a holiday!

Because....hello?  A WEEK OFF FOR THANKSGIVING!  I am damned sure giving thanks for that. UPDATE:  The craptastic HCG people?  I received the package this week.  Of course, there were problems with it.  Yes, I got the HCG; I got the needles, and some mysterious vial which I think is Vitamin B.  Not sure.  Not injecting… Continue reading I effin’ LOVE the Friday before a holiday!